Diamonds In The Rough

by Cocareef



"Diamonds In The Rough" feat. Jamil Honesty ,Micah Write, Sedizzy , The Lupus Dei Experience , Whata Mess , Ambishouz ,will be the only single being released off the HEAT Album Album: HEAT
Artist: Cocareef (co-starring - The Lupus Dei Experience) and All Beats by Rob Deniro ,Executive Producer Cocareef .

I will be with the Legend in the Making himself "Rob Deniro" ,him and I are coming together to create the Motion Picture sound track album to the streets called "HEAT", its only right with me coming off The Diaz Brother's Album representing 'Al Pacino' and him being 'Rob Deniro' to create some real "HEAT" for you all Co-Staring " The Lupus Dei Experience " through out the Album . This time around Im coming with the Largest Crew of Emcees ! on The Diaz Brothers project I had about 7 other Emcees and Surfboard Assassins 10 Emcees. Now Im bringing Double ! Yeah thats right 20 Emcees 😱 All-Star Cast
Here is a some of the Line Up

Midaz The Beast
The Real Skitso
Killy Shoot
Lord Juco
Whata Mess
Eddie Kaine
The Lupus Dei Experience
1Shot Spitune
Indigo Phoenyx
Micah Write
Krazy The Real One
Jamil Honesty
The Deity, V
Tony Hustle
Pro Zay
Certain Ones

HEAT - Track List
1- Cocaine Hanna feat. The Lupus Dei Experience ,Killy Shoot
2- Godfather Trejo-feat. Eddie Kane , Lord Juco
3- Animal Factory- feat. Whata Mess , The Deity V , 1 Shot Spitune
4- L.A Take Down feat. The Real Skitso , The Lupus Dei Experience , Krazy The Real One
5- No Beast So Fierce- feat. Lughz
6- Memoirs Of A Renegade feat. Killy Shoot ,The Lupus Dei Experience
7- Mutual Respect - feat. Midaz The Beast , DNTE
8- 1979 - feat. Pro Zay ,Certain Ones
9- Diamonds In A Rough - feat.Jamil Honesty , Micah Write , Sedizzy,The Lupus Dei Experience , Whata Mess ,Ambishouz
10- The Real Neil - feat. Enox ,Indigo Phoenyx
11- Bunker - feat. Sedizzy , Lughz
12- The Kate Mantilini Scene - feat. The Lupus Dei Experience


Written by Jamil Honesty ,Micah Write, Sedizzy , The Lupus Dei Experience , Whata Mess , Cocareef


released May 16, 2019
Produced by Rob Deniro
Mixed by Cocareef
Executive Producer Cocareef
Cocareef Records 2019


all rights reserved



Cocareef New Jersey

Executive Producer/
Cocareef Records

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